money talks

Capstone Wealth Management was founded with the objective of helping you answer two main questions: “Will I make it?” and “Do I have any financial blind spots?” We have found that most people start seriously wondering if they will make it within 5 years of their anticipated retirement. We use a custom planning approach to analyzing your retirement income needs and have found that this approach provides you with a solid answer to the question of "Will I make it?" Financial blind spots come in varying forms. However, we have found that most blind spots come in the form of unidentified portfolio risks. Using a very robust risk discovery system, we help you not only identify what risk really means to you, but quantify what that risk might do to your portfolio if you encountered difficult markets (such as another 2008, financial crisis or rising interest rates). Click this link Does My Portfolio Fit Me? for a free stress test of your current investment portfolio, IRA, variable annuity or 401k. Call: 866.596.9886 or on the web at

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