2017 HSFB Top Games, #1: Lodi 17, St. Croix Central 10

posted by Jimmie Kaska - 

We recap our best Madison Taxi Game of the Week broadcasts from 2017 this week.

The Division 4 state championship matched up the defending champions in St. Croix Central and undefeated Lodi. Lodi, seeking its first-ever state title, would square off against the dangerous triple-option attack of the Panthers.

The game went as advertised: Low-scoring, lots of running, and plenty of key defensive plays. In overtime, Lodi got the ball first and scored. Then, St. Croix Central, trying to answer, found themselves in trouble, and Max Barreau got the sack to clinch Lodi's first-ever football championship.

You can hear the full broadcast below, as well as the game-clinching final play.


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