Travis Wilson discusses WFCA's proposal for football conferences

posted by Jimmie Kaska - 

Travis Wilson, who served on the ad-hoc committee for the WFCA's football-only conference proposal for 2020 that was released today publicly, discusses what led up to the proposal, what it hopes to solve, and the timeline for getting the proposal to a vote, perhaps as soon as this fall.

Enrollment disparities in conferences and the imbalance in the number of teams in each conference, which made the requirements to earn a playoff bid inconsistent statewide, led to the WFCA to come up with a proposal that would balance the state's conferences in football only, giving each seven or eight teams.

While the proposal could be voted on this fall, it may not happen until January of 2019, after the schools planning to move to 8-player have locked in their decision. That would allow time to re-configure any affected conferences.

You can hear from Travis below, and read the proposal here.



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