The Big 1070's 2018 High School Football Preview

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It's here! The 2018 High School Football Preview from The Big 1070. Below, you can see our broadcast schedule, check out our full series of previews for both the teams and conferences in our area, and click through to the conference and team previews to hear exclusive coach interviews!

Our 2018 coverage will begin on August 17, when Sun Prairie, fresh off of a trip to state in Division 1, visits Madison Memorial and new Spartans head coach Michael Harris. The Big 1070 will broadcast nine regular-season games and all seven state football championship games at Camp Randall Stadium again this season.

The Big 1070 Madison Taxi Game of the Week Broadcast Schedule (on 1070 AM and 100.9 FM unless otherwise indicated)

All games on iHeartRadio

Week 1 - August 17 - 7:00pm - Sun Prairie at Madison Memorial (1070 AM)

Week 2 - August 24 - 7:00pm - Middleton at Verona (100.9 FM)

Week 3 - August 31 - 7:00pm - Oregon at Monona Grove (100.9 FM)

Week 4 - September 7 - 7:00pm - DeForest at Waunakee (1070)

Week 5 - September 14 - 7:00pm - Madison West at Madison Memorial (1070)

Week 6 - September 21 - 7:00pm - Stoughton at Oregon (1070)

Week 7 - September 28 - 7:00pm - Verona at Madison La Follette

Week 8 - October 5 - 7:00pm - Sun Prairie at Middleton

Week 9 - October 12 - 7:00pm - TBD (1070)

Level 1 - October 19 - 7:00pm - TBD

Level 2 - October 26 - 7:00pm - TBD

Level 3 - November 2 - 7:00pm - TBD

State - November 15-16 - All 7 State Championship Games

For 100.9 FM games, you can stream the station at

The Big 1070's Preseason All-Area Team

*Consists of: Past WFCA All-Region, All-State, and Conference 1st-Team players, as well as top seniors and juniors according to

⭐ = highest-ranked senior local player according to

Quarterbacks: ⭐Jake Dessart [🏈WSN] (SR), East Troy; Derek Schwarting [🏈WSN] (SR), McFarland; Jack Monis [🏈WSN] (SR), Lakeside Lutheran; Nate Mabis [🏈WSN] (SR), Belleville; Luke Figol [🏈 WSN] [🏅OPY] (SR), Fall River

Running Backs: Kayvion James-Ragland [🏈WSN] (SR), Madison La Follette; ⭐Malik Winston [🏈WSN] (SR), Mount Horeb/Barneveld; Kyle Hanaman [🏈WSN] (SR), Beloit Turner; Nolan Klawitter [🏈WSN] (SR), Jefferson; Mason Simmons [🏈WSN] (SR), Edgerton; Riley Olson [🏈WSN] (SR), Cambridge; Zach Feller [🏅OPY] (SR), New Glarus/Monticello; Mathew Mankowski (SR), Waterloo

Wide Receivers: ⭐Cooper Nelson [🏈WSN] (SR), Sun Prairie; Matthew Wedig (SR), Beloit Memorial; Bryce Carey [🏈WSN] (SR), Middleton; Sawyer Maly [🏈WSN] (SR), Waunakee; Will DeNoyer [🏈WSN] (SR), Lakeside Lutheran; Rudy Hommen (SR), Cambridge

Tight Ends: ⭐Caden Blum [🏈WSN] (SR), Baraboo; Austin Keller [🏈WSN] (SR), Waunakee; Zachary Gregorius [🏈WSN] (SR), Luther Prep; Jordan Marty (JR), Cambridge

Offensive Linemen: Patrick Horvath [🏈WSN] (SR), Madison West; â­Ben Johnson [🏈WSN] (SR), Sun Prairie; Gavin Adler [🏈WSN] (SR), Middleton; Gabe Zander [🏈WSN] (SR), Waunakee; Nathan Miller [🏈WSN] (SR), Waunakee; Jack Nelson [🏅OLY] (JR), Stoughton; Michael Williams-Davis [🏈WSN] (SR), Monona Grove; Nathan Wilcox (JR), Monona Grove; Harley Jones [🏈WSN(SR), Lake Mills; Caleb Raymond [🏈WSN] (SR), Lakeside Lutheran; Danny Enloe [🏅OLY] (SR), Belleville; Keegan Wodill [🏅OLY] (SR), Fall River

Defensive Linemen: ⭐Keeanu Benton [🏈WSN] (SR), Janesville Craig; Christian Winfield [🏈WSN(SR), Beloit Memorial; ⭐Reed Ryan [🏈WSN] (SR), Waunakee; Evan Blumer [🏈WSN] (SR), Evansville/Albany; Adrian Estrada [🏈WSN] (SR), Beloit Turner Jordan Leitz [🏈WSN] (SR), Edgerton; Harley Jones (SR), Lake Mills; Christian Barnharst (SR), Poynette; Skyler See (SR), Poynette; Adam Marty [🏅DLY] (SR), New Glarus/Monticello; Davyn Braker (SR), Fall River; Lucas Sullivan (SR), Johnson Creek

Linebackers: Matthew Wedig [🏈WSN] (SR), Beloit Memorial; Dylan Bourne [🏈WSN] (SR), Verona; ⭐Hakeem McCullers [🏈WSN] (SR), Sun Prairie; Jeremiah Jordan [🏈WSN] (SR), Madison Memorial; Ethan Ackley [🏈WSN] (SR), Sun Prairie; Tyler Denu  [🏈WSN] (SR), Mount Horeb/Barneveld; Trenton Herber [🏈WSN] [🏅DPY] (SR), Monona Grove; John Klus [🏈WSN] (SR), Oregon; Malcolm Johnson (SR), Evansville/Albany; Emiliano Reyes (SR), Beloit Turner; Casey Ponyicsanyi [🏈WSN] (SR), Lakeside Lutheran; Denver Evans (SR), Cambridge; Nate Mabis (SR), Belleville; Ogden York (JR), Belleville; Patrick Craker (SR), New Glarus/Monticello; Dylan Horstmeyer (SR), Marshall; Sam Nelson (SR), Fall River; Shane Liegel [🏈WSN] (SR), River Valley

Defensive Backs: Tegan Christiansen [🏈WSN] (SR), Janesville Craig; ⭐Jalen Ostrowski [🏈WSN] (SR), Monona Grove; Tysen White [🏈WSN] (SR), McFarland; Jackson Richter [🏈WSN] (SR), Belleville

Kickers: Tim Patten [🏈WSN] (SR), Madison East; Nate Stevens [🏈WSN] (SR), Waunakee; Adam Mitchell [🏈WSN(SR), Lake Mills; Trent Sigafus [🏈WSN] (SR), New Glarus/Monticello

Punters: ⭐Matthew Wedig [🏈WSN] (SR), Beloit Memorial; Cris Petrusatti (JR), Mount Horeb/Barneveld; Trey Fancher [🏈WSN] (SR), Waunakee; Cade Spilde [🏈WSN(SR), Stoughton; Tyler Chadwick (JR), Marshall; Lucas Sullivan [🏈WSN] (SR), Johnson Creek; Josh Maier (JR), River Valley

Athletes or Special Teams: Kelvin Opoku-Appoh (SR), Madison West; Dylan Horstmeyer (SR), Marshall

Coverage area for inclusion above includes Big 8, Badger, Capitol, Rock Valley conferences as well as teams that typically fall within the coverage pattern of The Big 1070

Top Area Seniors According To

Big 8: LB Ethan Ackley, Sun Prairie; OL Gavin Adler, Middleton; DL Keeanu Benton, Janesville Craig; WR Bryce Carey, Middleton; DB Tegan Christiansen, Janesville Craig; LB Dylan Bourne, Verona; OL Patrick Horvath, Madison West; RB Kayvion James-Ragland, Madison La Follette; OL Ben Johnson, Sun Prairie; LB Jeremiah Jordan, Madison Memorial; LB Hakeem McCullers, Sun Prairie; K/P Tim Patten, Madison East; WR Cooper Nelson, Sun Prairie; LB and P Matthew Wedig, Beloit Memorial; DL Christian Winfield, Beloit Memorial

Badger North: TE Caden Blum, Baraboo; LB Tyler Denu, Mount Horeb/Barneveld; P Trey Fancher, Waunakee; TE Austin Keller, Waunakee; WR Sawyer Maly, Waunakee; OL Nathan Miller, Waunakee; DL Reed Ryan, Waunakee; K Nate Stevens, Waunakee; RB Malik Winston, Mount Horeb/Barneveld; OL Gabe Zander, Waunakee

Badger South: LB Trenton Herber, Monona Grove; LB John Klus, Oregon; DB Jalen Ostrowski, Monona Grove; P Cade Spilde, Stoughton; OL Michael Williams-Davis, Monona Grove

Rock Valley: DL Evan Blumer, Evansville/Albany; QB Jake Dessart, East Troy; DL Adrian Estrada, Beloit Turner; RB Kyle Hanaman, Beloit Turner; RB Nolan Klawitter, Jefferson; DL Jordan Leitz, Edgerton; QB Derek Schwarting, McFarland; RB Mason Simmons, Edgerton; DB Tysen White, McFarland

Capitol North: WR Will DeNoyer, Lakeside Lutheran; TE Zachary Gregorius, Luther Prep; OL Harley Jones, Lake Mills; K Adam Mitchell, Lake Mills; QB Jack Monis, Lakeside Lutheran; LB Casey Ponyicsanyi, Lakeside Lutheran; OL Caleb Raymond, Lakeside Lutheran

Capitol South: QB Nate Mabis, Belleville; CB Jackson Richter, Belleville; RB Riley Olson, Cambridge; K Trent Sigafus, New Glarus/Monticello

Madison-Area: QB Luke Figol, Fall River; P Lucas Sullivan, Johnson Creek; LB Shane Liegel, River Valley

Southern Wisconsin: QB Will Bierman, Potosi/Cassville; QB Andy Clendenen, Cuba City; QB Gavin Gillitzer, Prairie du Chien; QB Reid Larson, Fennimore; QB Ryan Lois, Wautoma; QB Colton Schraepfer, Pecatonica/Argyle; RB Tyler Jirousek, Mauston; RB Tyler Smock, Prairie du Chien; WR Nick Webley, Burlington; OL Nathan Bousman, Burlington; LB Drew Hennessey, Highland; LB Troy Klein, Lancaster; LB Cyrus Siegert, Potosi/Cassville; DB Danny Pittz, Mineral Point; DB Austin Schmitz, Potosi/Cassville; K/P William Ketterhagen, Waterford; K/P Tanner Oyen, Lancaster; K/P Adam Simons, Westosha Central

Coverage area for inclusion above includes Big 8, Badger, Capitol, Rock Valley conferences as well as teams that typically fall within the coverage pattern of The Big 1070, as well as teams that play in primarily southern Wisconsin conferences east, west, and just north of Madison/Dane County.

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Conference Previews

Big 8 Conference

2018 Full Schedule

Conference Champions: Sun Prairie - 2017; Sun Prairie and Verona - 2016; Middleton - 2015; Middleton - 2014

State Participants: Sun Prairie - 2017 (D1 Runner-Up)

2017 Combined Playoff Record: 7-7 (Sun Prairie 4-1)

2017 Combined Non-Conference Record: Closed Conference / No Non-Conference Games

BIG Games: Sun Prairie at Madison Memorial, August 17 - 🔊Madison Taxi Game of the Week; Middleton at Verona, August 24 - 🔊Madison Taxi Game of the Week; Janesville Craig vs Janesville Parker, August 24; Madison West at Madison East, August 24; Middleton at Madison West, August 31; Sun Prairie at Verona, September 14; Madison Memorial vs Madison West, September 14 - 🔊Madison Taxi Game of the Week; Madison La Follette at Sun Prairie, September 21; Verona at Madison La Follette, September 28 - 🔊Madison Taxi Game of the Week; Sun Prairie at Middleton, October 5 - 🔊Madison Taxi Game of the Week; Sun Prairie at Madison West, October 12; Middleton at Madison La Follette, October 12

Badger North Conference

2018 Full Schedule

Conference Champions: Waunakee - 2017; Waunakee - 2016; Waunakee - 2015; DeForest and Mount Horeb/Barneveld, 2014

State Participants: Waunakee - 2017 (🏆D2 Champions)

2017 Combined Playoff Record: 6-3 (Waunakee 5-0)

2017 Combined Non-Conference Record: 6-10 (Waunakee and Mount Horeb/Barneveld 2-0)

BIG Games: DeForest at Oregon, August 17; Mount Horeb/Barneveld at Waunakee, August 31; DeForest at Waunakee, September 7 ðŸ”ŠMadison Taxi Game of the Week; Mount Horeb/Barneveld at DeForest, October 5

Badger South Conference

2018 Full Schedule

Conference Champions: Monona Grove - 2017; Monroe - 2016; Milton and Monona Grove - 2015; Milton and Monona Grove, 2014

State Participants: Monona Grove - 2016 (D2 Runner-up)

2017 Combined Playoff Record: 3-5 (Monona Grove 2-1)

2017 Combined Non-Conference Record: 10-6 (Monona Grove, Stoughton, and Milton 2-0)

BIG Games: DeForest at Oregon, August 17; Oregon at Monona Grove, August 31 ðŸ”ŠMadison Taxi Game of the Week; Stoughton at Oregon, September 21 ðŸ”ŠMadison Taxi Game of the Week; Stoughton at Monona Grove, October 5

Rock Valley Conference

2018 Full Schedule

Conference Champions: Clinton - 2017; Clinton and Evansville/Albany - 2016; Evansville/Albany (North) and Beloit Turner, Big Foot, Brodhead/Juda, and Clinton (South) - 2015; Evansville/Albany and Jefferson (North) and Big Foot and Brodhead/Juda (South) - 2014

State Participants: None

2017 Combined Playoff Record: 2-5 (Clinton 2-1)

2017 Combined Non-Conference Record: Closed Conference / No Non-Conference Games

BIG Games: Clinton at East Troy, August 17; McFarland at Edgerton, August 17; Beloit Turner at Evansville/Albany, September 7; Clinton at Jefferson, September 21; East Troy at Jefferson, October 5

Capitol North Conference

2018 Full Schedule

Conference Champions: Lodi - 2017; Columbus - 2016; Lodi - 2015; Lodi - 2014

State Participants: Lodi - 2017 (🏆D4 Champions), Lodi - 2015 (D4 Runners-Up)

2017 Combined Playoff Record: 7-2 (Lodi 5-0)

2017 Combined Non-Conference Record: 17-7 (Lodi, Lake Mills 4-0)

BIG Games: Lake Country Lutheran at Lakeside Lutheran, August 31; Lodi at Columbus, September 28; Lakeside Lutheran at Lodi, October 12

Capitol South Conference

2018 Full Schedule

Conference Champions: Belleville, Cambridge, New Glarus Monticello - 2017; New Glarus/Monticello - 2016; Marshall, Waterloo - 2015; Cambridge - 2014

2017 Combined Playoff Record: 0-3 (Three teams, Level 1)

2017 Combined Non-Conference Record: 13-12 (Four teams, 3-2)

BIG Games: New Glarus/Monticello at Belleville, September 14; Cambridge at Belleville, September 28; New Glarus/Monticello at Cambridge, October 12


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