Christian Yelich's letter to Milwaukee Brewers fans

Today on The Players' Tribune, Milwaukee Brewers outfielder and MVP candidate Christian Yelich writes a letter to Brewers fans. In his letter, Yelich describes the team's family mentality, his first impressions of the city, and his attitude as the team gears up for a playoff run.

Yelich writes about the Milwaukee Brewers' culture, and how he's immediately become immersed in it:

"I have to say: I’ve never seen anything like this town when it comes to people being nice. For real. It’s a stereotype about the Midwest, but it’s true. It’s pretty ridiculous how nice people are in Milwaukee. It’s like you’re a member of everyone’s family or something."

Yelich writes to the fans that it's as much their run to the postseason as it is the team's:

"It’s going to take all of us. It’s not just about the players on the field, or the coaches in the dugout. No. Our success in getting to and advancing in the playoffs is going to be just as much about you. Because we feed off your energy. We really, really do. We fully understand that this team is more than just a random group of guys to you all — that the Brewers genuinely mean something to you. We realize that when we’re playing well it actually affects your lives and results in a certain level of joy and happiness throughout the city … and, actually, all across the state. That’s big for us. We truly value that."

You can read the full article at The Player's Tribune by going here.

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