Twitter Freaking Out Over Robert Redford Meme

Robert Redford, one of the great actors of the golden age of cinema and into the 21st century. An all-around man's man, versatile in his craft and his greatness. A fine actor that brought us some of our most favorite films and roles, and of course one of the great all-time memes, the nodding man. Yes, a meme that has served so many of us well in our social media voyages, encapsulating so many feelings of contentment and satisfaction. However it seemed today that a large amount of tweeps were today years old when they realized that it was in fact Robert Redford and not funnyman of Hangover fame Zack Galifianakis. I mean don't get me wrong I see the resemblance. Well, just another day on the internet!

Drew & K.B.

Drew & K.B.

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