Web Extra: The Bachelorette Breakdown With Jim McIlvaine: Season Finale

What an episode! It was the Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup and the Masters all rolled into one and didn't disappoint. Listen as Jim McIlvaine, KB, Kelsey and Armen tear into the finale of this season of The Bachelorette. Hannah picks Jed. Reads a People Magazine article. Dumps Jed. Jed makes a half-assed effort to gaslight Hannah. It doesn't work. She dumps him. Bachelor Nation rejoices.

Peter Pilot and Hannah snap FOUR off in the windmill and Peter's mom and dad couldn't be more proud.

Tyler C. gets the ultimate friend zone treatment but might just end up being Hannah's rebound man.

And last but not least, we uncover Jed's dog food commercial and do a mini mashup with "I wanna be your Mr. Right". Yes, Jed re-songed a dog show jingle and possed it off as a love song.

Click below to listen now.

Drew & K.B.

Drew & K.B.

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