What I Did On The Third Day Of My Summer Vacation

I got up. 

Then I made some breakfast. I had peanut butter on a piece of toast and coffee. Then I went to 9 Round again. I was the only one there plus one other person. The angry women weren’t there. I did a lot of things called burpees where you stand and go down and do a pushup and then jump up again and then do it over again. I don’t like burpees at all so I do them really slow so I don’t have to do a lot of them. When I got home I made a banana smoothie with chocolate protene powder. Drinking smoothies are supposed to make me stronger and in better shape. Then I watched Price is Right, or PIR. That’s a fun show to watch. A guy won a $10000 playing Plinko. Plinko is where you drop a disk down a big wall and it bounces off pegs until it gets to the bottom and falls into a slot with dollars on it. His disk dropped into the slot that said $10,000 so they gave him $10,000. Another woman won a new car. She was excited because her car was old and she wanted a new one. When Price is Right was over I had to get ready for my first day of the semester of teaching college. On the first day you give students there syllabis. A syllabis tells them everything they are going to do during the semester. The students are really nice. There are about the same numbers of boys and girls in my class. There is one gril in the class who said her favorite state was new jersey. So i asked her if she was from new jersey and she said no. She is from Wisconsin which was weird because I don’t know anyone who’s favorite state is new jersey that doesn’t live in new jersey. Then I askded her if she like Bruce Springsteen and she said he was ok. I was confused becuase if you don’t live in new jersey and you don’t like Bruce Springsteen it doesn’t make sense that new jersey is your favorite state. But thats ok because anyone can like anything they want and they don’t have to give you a reason. Because she likes new jersey I gave her the nickname “Jersey Girl” which is the name of a Tom Waits song. He’s not from new jersey though. Hes from California which is a long way from new jersey. Then i went home and ate leftover pizza and watched Parks and Rec on Hulu.

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