What I Did On The Fourth and Fifth Days Of My Summer Vacation

On the fourth day of my summer vacation I got up. Then I had an english muffin for breakfast. I’ve never been to England so I can’t prove they are actually english. We bought them at Pick n save so they’re actually Germantown muffins. After I ate I went and played golf with my friend Ben. Ben is good at golfing so he beat me golfing. Then I went to the first day of class for the other class i teach. I let the students out of class early so I could watch a meaningless Green Bay Packers game. I ate street tacos while I watched the game. I didn’t by them on the street though. There just called street tacos becuase they look like tacos you would by on the street. Then I went to bed. On the fifth day of my summer vacation I got up. I made another omelet for breakfast. Then I forgot to write about what I did on the fourth day of my summer vacation which is why i am writing about the fourth and fifth day in one story. We had to steam clean the carpets so I went to Home Depot to rent a steam cleaner. Then i steam cleaned the carpets. They look cleaner now so it must have worked. Then we went out to dinner where i had a brown mumbler. A brown mumbler is what I call a bourbon manhattan. I call it that because after two of them you start to mumble. I had a second mumbler and then mumbled to my wife it was time to leave and then gave her the keys to drive home. Then i went to bed and i slept until i could sleep no more. 

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