HS Wrestling Preview with Nate Woelfel of WisSports.net

December marks the point of the high school wrestling season where competition begins in earnest, and Nate Woelfel of WisSports.net previews the sport statewide.

Nate discusses the early-season team rankings, with several power programs occupying the top spots. While it's not a surprise that these tradition-rich programs are ranked high year-to-year, it is remarkable that these schools seem to simply re-load year after year.

In terms of player rankings, about a half-dozen individual wrestlers are nationally-ranked, putting some spotlight on the Badger state in the 2019-2020 season.

Additionally, the growth of popularity of the sport in the Big Ten, and at Wisconsin, has elevated the profile of wrestling in general in the Midwest, which in turn helps grow the sport at the youth levels.



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