Student winning 12 free pizzas on halfcourt shot is all of us

The University of Buffalo, New York's State University, is a second home to some of us in Wisconsin. Former UW-Whitewater football coach Lance Leipold now plies his trade in New York, as well as Nate Oats, who recently led his team to a MAC championship in men's basketball. Oats also coached at Whitewater.

Normally, cutting down the nets at the end of a basketball game would be the story, but instead, one intrepid fan stole the show with his enthusiastic celebration of a half-court shot that won him a dozen free pizzas:


Just when you think he's done... he keeps going. He even runs back out onto the court for more celebrations. And everyone is in on it! Imagine all of these gimmick halftime contests where a student can win a semester's worth of tuition, or a free car, or heck, one textbook rental that probably costs more than a dozen pizzas combined. There are contest winners who do that little polite wave that is reserved for heads of state, not a college student who made it a lot easier to afford a few packs of ramen for the dorm room.

Good on you, Buffalo student. This celebration is all of us when we win a week's worth of pizzas.


The best part is probably after he tosses his hat and gets embraced by the cheer squad. He runs off the floor with a huge pump of the fist, then jumps into the front part of the student section... then back out onto the floor for more celebrations.

All for free pizzas.

Video: ESPN

Jimmie Kaska

Jimmie Kaska

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