Everything You Need To Know About The Packers-Falcons NFC Championship

The matchup with the Falcons this Sunday features the two hottest offenses in the NFL. And while we know all about the Packers offensive explosion, here are some facts about the Falcons offense.

- RB Tevin Coleman didn't play in the first GB-ATL game, he averages 13.6 yards-per-CATCH

- Matt Ryan threw for 38TD's and 7 INT's for a QB ratting of 117.1 in the regular season... 

- Those 38 touchdowns were thrown to 13 different receivers.

- RB Tevin Coleman has the lowest yards-per-carry average of the top three Atlanta running backs and he gets 4.4 yards on average.

So yeah, the Packers offense will have to score early, score often, and even if they think they have the game in hand, they have to keep scoring.

(Over/Under is at 61 currently so if you are of the betting variety I would hit that hard)

To find out more details on this weeks game, and hear a world famous Joel Finkelman intro... check out the podcast below!

Joel Finkelman


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