The Case FOR and AGAINST Keeping Dom Capers

First thing is first I am a fan of the Green Bay Packers. This means two things:

1. Sometimes I can get a little fired up about my team.

2. The media will inform me my beliefs about Dom Capers are stupid and he is the greatest thing to happen to football since the invention of the forward pass.

Does that second one come off a little like 'Trump vs. Media'? It should. Even though I may be included in the term "media" now, I haven't lost my fandom, nor will I ever. 

So when a once in a generational quarterback comes around (yes, he is better than Favre) and the Packers defense continually fails him when it counts, I take issue with that. When this has been a problem for six consecutive seasons under Capers and nothing is done, I'm allowed to point that out. When GM Ted Thompson continually has cap space and never uses it to improve the defense, I'm allowed mention this while discussing the Packers.

And when Aaron Rodgers  says in his post-game press conference that "we just got to make sure we're going all in every season" then it proves that it's not just the fans that are frustrated.

Want some numbers to back up your frustrations?

Dom Capers career with GB:


2009: 7th

2010: 2nd (SUPERBOWL)

2011: 19th

2012: 11th

2013: T-24th

2014: T-13th

2015: 12th

2016: 22nd


2009: 2nd

2010: 5th

2011: 32nd (Rodgers MVP YEAR)

2012: 11th

2013: 25th

2014: 15th

2015: 15th

2016: 22nd


2009: 5th

2010: 5th

2011: 32nd

2012: 11th

2013: 24th

2014: 10th

2015: 6th

2016: 31st

First Round Draft Picks over that time

D – 7 (including five consecutive)

O – 2

Draft PicksOver that time

D – 35

O – 32

Games that Packers lost –

2009: 51-45 Arizona (7th defense regular season)

2011: 37-20 New York Giants

2012: 45-31 San Fran

2013: 23-20 San Fran

2014: 28-22 Seattle

2015: 26-20 Arizona

2016: 44-21 Atlanta

Oh if you were curious about those playoff stats? Thats a 36.3 point-per-game average in those playoff losses.

Another fun stat. The Packers defense has given up 44 points or more in three playoff losses with during the Rodgers era. The Patriots have never given up 44 points during his 267 starts... ever.

Please though national, state, and local media... keep telling me how great he is. Two years of very good defenses followed by six of average-to-abysmal defenses does not impress me.

For more stats and a short attempt to make the case for keeping Dom Capers, check out the podcast below. I promise if you were interested enough to click on this post that you will enjoy the podcast.

Photo: Getty Images

Joel Finkelman


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