Sure Football Is Done... But Lebron James Isn't

Every year when football ends, I get a little sad. Sure I love other sports, the NBA is exciting on a night-in night-out basis, baseball makes me think of summer, and hockey has the best playoffs of any of them, but it's just not the same. There is one thing that helps get me out of my lack-of-football funk though.

Incredible games like last night's Cavaliers-Wizards overtime matchup.

Seriously though, I could go through all the fun plays and overtime finish, or I could just let you watch 'the shot'.


Two things are incredible about this shot. First off it followed a missed layup by LeBron on the previous possession. Redemption much? Secondly... dat outlet pass doeeeeeee.

Seriously Kevin Love, stop it. The Cavs would be so much better with Melo... not.


That crappy Celine Dion recorder edition absolutely kills me. 

To be serious though, games like this remind me that you know... things are going to be OK after the Super Bowl. Hang in there everyone, greatness and Celine Dion covers await us. 

Don't believe me? Bradley Beal's face says it all.

Joel Finkelman


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