Top Three Story Lines From Brewers Spring Training

Man I haven't talked about the Brewers in a long... long time. Not since the last time they were dissapointing and intruiging at the same time.

AKA last year.


Seriously... this insanely bad/funny fan made Brewers song just gets me in the right frame of mind.

And while I'm looking forward to more of the same this year, I think we should focus on some of the intriguing story-lines right now. The two corner infield spots are going to be manned by a guy who spent last year in Korea, and another whose nickname is 'The Mayor of Ding Dong City'. So that's interesting. 

How will Orlando Arcia begin the second year of his career after a tough start?

Which of the 1,945 outfielders in both the majors and the minors will Milwaukee start the season with?

Whihc of the 1,945 pitchers the brewers have make the starting rotation? Maybe depressing options like Taylor Jungmann and Wily Peralta will be given another chance. Or maybe top pitching prospect Josh Hader will get an opportunity to break the franchise's mold of only being able to develop hitters.

Will Braun ever be traded? Seriously now. What is happening there?

All of these things intrigue me but I decided to focus on my top three favorite in today's episode of The FinkelCast:


Maybe the thing you were looking forward to the most wasn't mentioned by me on the podcast. If so, let me know @JoelFinkelman on Twitter.

Photo: Getty Images

Joel Finkelman


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