What's Up With The All-Or-Nothing Badger Sentiment?

Remember earlier this year when the Badgers were winning every game and we were complaining about free-throws? Then they went ahead a lost two games to Northwestern and Michigan but shot 23-28 from the charity stripe in those games. 

Suddenly three point shooting became the new hot-topic issue to bring up. Over the previous three games (1-2 record) the Badgers have taken 47 three-pointers and made just 12 of them for a staggering 25.5% shooting percentage.

Against Maryland the Badgers went 2-12 from deep while shooting 21-37 from the free throw line. So they were bad from deep and bad from on free throws and still won.

So class what have we learned today?

We've learned we need to take the bigger picture into account for what this team is. The Badgers haven't played much top level competition this season. When they have, they haven't fared well.

That is not me being mean or critical, it is simply pointing out a fact that can be corroborated by looking at their schedule and results.

This is a team that has lived and died by the three at times and is currently in a deep rut from range.

This is a team that has it's two leading free-throw takers shooting less than 63%.

This is a team that needs guys like Bronson Koenig and Nigel Hayes to take the mantle of the next dominant Badger duo.

Unfortunately time is running out in the season and your guess is as good as mine as to what will happen. Koenig and Hayes are certainly capable and are battle tested like nearly no other in the college game. Do they have enough left in them for one last ride?

Don't count them out yet.

***For a deeper dive into the current state of Badger basketball, and a breakdown of the DeMarcus Cousins trade, check out the podcast live-stream below.***

Photo: Getty Images.

Joel Finkelman


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