Why On Earth Would Packers Fans Want Adrian Peterson?

Remember when Adrian Peterson was objectively good at football? Remember when he wasn't over the age of 30? Remember when he didn't have multiple debilitating knee injuries and mileage on his body?

Oh yeah... and remember that time when he abused his child and got a $4,000 dollar fine, 80 hours of community service, all because he was rich and had a fancy lawyer?

Well all of his best football is well in the past... and the child abuse will always be in the forefront. Yet apparently Packers fans/Packers media is constantly pushing the idea of Adrian Peterson in green and gold.

Most times there is a player-to-the-Packers-rumor it start with the fans. But I can't even contemplate the existence of fans who would want this to be. Seriously... if you are a Packers fan and want to give me a single reason why the Packers should sign Adrian Peterson that you can actually defend I would be glad to hear it. Seriously... here's my Twitter account, hit me up.

Finally, here are a couple things I know about football that I thought were common knowledge but I guess not:

1. Stay away from RB's over 30 years old.

2. Stay away from RB's over 30 years old with a massive injury history.

3. If 'what-a-guy-has-in-the-tank' is less than it's worth to justify the PR hit from signing someone, than they aren't worth signing.

When Ray Rice was video taped beating up his then-girlfriend his career ended. It wasn't because of him beating his wife though. It was because he didn't have enough left in the tank to justify the PR hit a team would take.

Adrian Peterson didn't beat up his wife or girlfriend and it wasn't on camera so apparently his crimes were less important in the court of public opinion.

The fact that I have to write a piece explaining why signing Adrian Peterson in Green Bay would be ridiculous... is the most ridiculous thing I've ever taken part in.

Come on fellow Packers fans... be better than this.

For more check out the Podcast below where I dive deeper into this farce and then touch on the 'press conference' conducted by Packers GM Ted Thompson.

***All of this makes me want roll my eyes non-stop today***


Photo: Getty Images

Joel Finkelman


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