Monday March 6th Sports Roundup

To let you behind the curtain a bit here at The FinkeCast... this time of the sports calendar is a bit slow. So today I decided to find a few of the main stories (that exist) and discuss them in the podcast. Here are the few I selected for the day:

1. Badgers MBB win over Minnesota.

2. Is the NFL Combine overrated?

3. Madison Square Garden went silent over the weekend.

4. ESPN expecting layoffs in 2017.

5. Bucks won 2 straight over playoff teams (why Bucks why?!).

6. Brewers projected strikeout rate projects come in ranking 30th.

7. Julius Peppers agent signals he wants to play another year and Davon House cut by Jaguars.

Man... I touched on all that in under 25 minutes during today's podcast? What a fantastic way for you to get caught up on the world of sports while being a busy and productive human being. 

Aren't I awesome for doing that for you?

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Anyways, enough of me being cocky for ridiculous reasons. Check out the podcast right here or watch the recorded live stream below!

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Joel Finkelman


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