What Perry, Tretter, and Glennon Deals Mean For Packers

By the time you read this there will undoubtedly be actual contract numbers out for Nick Perry and J.C. Tretter. I should let you know that when I recorded the podcast below it was noon here in the palatial WIBA-AM studios.

For the point of this post though the numbers aren't important (unless the Perry Contract is insanely larger than a contract should be for a guy who has had one really good year and three injury-riddled years prior). I wanted to look into what those two deals, plus the Bears signing of Mike Glennon actually meant for the Green Bay Packers.

Not in terms of salary cap, but in terms of actually winning football games on Sundays.

Check out the podcast live-stream below for all the answers (well my answers anyways) in a quick and manageable 15 minutes.

Hell yeah!

P.S. Go Packers


Photo: Getty Images

Joel Finkelman


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