Just How Important Is Jared Cook Anyways?

Remember when Aaron Rodgers basically demanded the Packers re-sign Jared Cook? I'm guessing after the Packers cut off contract talks that Rodgers probably went from one finger of scotch to two. 

I'm with the QB though here because I remember how important having Jared Cook was to this Packers team. I remember how bad the offense was until Cook and Montgomery helped to unlock its potential. I also remember just how bad the Packers tight end situation has been since Jermichael Finley's unfortunate injury. 

Seriously, Andrew Quarless, Justin Perillo, Richard Rodgers and his 4.87 40 time (seriously, look it up) are just a few of the laundry list of mediocre tight ends the Packers have trotted out there over the past few years.

Oh, and lest we forget Brandon Bostick. 

Hey though speaking of Jermichael Finley let's check in to his, err... interesting, Twitter account.


Good to see the big man is now a draft expert in his spare time. Breaking down tape of tight ends all across this great land I presume takes up a majority of his days.

In all seriousness, Finley buddy (I own a Finley jersey... yeah I have a weird fandom associated with him) this claim is ridiculous. First off, let's just go ahead and say for fun that he is right, this is a good TE draft.

Then let's even pretend that the Packers were to spend a first round pick on a TE, maximizing their potential of replacing cook. OK now let's look back at recent Packer history.

Nick Perry was a first round pick and finally put together one very good season.

Datone Jones was a first round pick and was so pedestrian nobody even knows he's a free agent.

Ha-Ha Clinton Dix has been pretty dang good but wasn't fully himself as a rookie.

Damarious Randall has been Damarious Randall

And Kenny Clark had an encouraging year but was hardly a step in and go rookie.

So let's recap shall we? One guy (Clinton Dix) is the real deal and started off decently, one guy (Randall) had an encouraging start but well, you watched the games this year. One guy (Perry) has had one very productive season since being drafted in 2012. One guy (Jones) has been the definition of league average. And finally Clark is yet to be determined but certainly not a dynamic stud year one.

Jared Cook is a dynamic stud now.

And therein lies the problem for Jermichael Finley's argument. The last Packers first round pick who stepped in and was a stud was Clay Matthews in 2009.

I wouldn't hold my breath that the draft will immediately replace a guy like cook.

FOR MORE on this check out the podcast video below and be sure to do yourself a favor and switch it into 1080p. 


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Joel Finkelman


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