Without Lacy Packers Are Now Thin At Multiple Positions

I remember watching Eddie Lacy in the 2013 NCAA National Championship with my buddy Jack Ansheles. Not usual college football fans, both of us couldn't stop watching Eddie Lacy play. Not only did he look like a man among children on the field... but he had to go up against 12 defenders.

Manti Te'o's girlfriend was always present, don't you remember?

OK that was a cheap shot I admit, but completely warranted.

Anyways, Lacy rushed 20 times for 140 yards in that game and a TD with 17 yards receiving and another TD to boot. 

Somewhere inside the myriad of thunderous hits Lacy delivered on linebackers and safeties I turned to Jack and said the following:

"I want that guy on my team, he would be a ton of fun to watch."

He was.

Lacy was incredibly fun to watch in the pros and aside from an injury this season (which wasn't helped by Ted Thompson's refusal to add depth at RB when Lacy was already banged up and playing through it) his years with Green Bay were quite successful.

You can make fun of that time he had that bad picture floating around all you want but just remember a few things about #27.

- That dude's life was destroyed as a kid by hurricane Katrina.

- He worked his ass off to get to where he is.

- When his weight became an issue he actually worked on it.

- When he was injured, he did his best to keep playing (ankle injury this season).

- He's never done anything negative to embarrass the precious franchise.

- He is charitable off the field.

- When his spin move worked it got you on your feet.

- Remember that time he did this?

Yeah... Eddie Lacy was a big dude, but he ran hard, played through injuries, and was fun to watch.

For a deeper dive into how thin the Packers are now at RB and OL, check out the livestream of the podcast below! Enjoy.


Photo: Getty Images

Joel Finkelman


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