Heartache For Badgers, But One Moment Should Stick With You

Fans of teams in the state of Wisconsin are getting slightly used to this feeling. You know, the feeling where your favorite team has an incredible moment, only to lose in a crushing manner?

The Packers are the masters of this. Last year the Jared Cook catch was a signature moment, and seven days later all that was wiped away. Aaron Rodgers once threw a Hail Mary to Jeff Janis in the playoffs against Arizona, but that play is rarely ever brought up because they lost in overtime just a few minutes later.


Now the Badgers have their very own 'Packer Moment'. For Zak Showalter and the team, it even included Rodgers' famous belt celebration.

Fans of Bucky should do their best though to keep the memory of that shot alive. It was incredible. Showalter almost fell over but still found a way to hit a running floater three pointer to force overtime. It was a very unlikely shot from an unlikely guy. Not that Showalter wouldn't be used in a late game situation ever, but he usually isn't the first choice.

Sports provide so few moments of true happiness from fan-bases. 68 teams enter the tournament and 67 of them end in literal on-court tears. Winning it all in any sport is brutally hard, so fans are forced to remember moments most of the time.

That shot by Showalter is one of those moments you should remember for a long time. Don't hide it in the recesses of your mind because it was followed up by pain.

Remember it because it was amazing.

Remember it because you were honestly amazed it went in.

Remember it for whatever reason you want to. Just remember it.

For a deeper dive into the game, overtime, and the Showalter shot check out the podcast below!


Photo: Getty Images

Joel Finkelman


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