Everything You Need To Know About The Brewers (And Some Other Stuff)

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Baseball starts Sunday but the Brewers season doesn't start until Monday afternoon (BTW you can hear that game on 1310 WIBA at 12:35pm to get your Bob Uecker fix).

This years Brewer team is an interesting mix of talented but youthful hitters and not as talented/ slightly less youthful pitchers.

Adding to what I would call 'the excitement' is the idea that there are a lot of wildcards on the roster. What the heck should we expect from Eric Thames, a guy who put up video game numbers in Korea but originally flamed out in the states. Is Travis Shaw capable of being the poor man's Casey McGehee? I also often wonder how big of a step Orlando Arcia can take in year two.

Will Jonathan Villar continue his fantastic play after last season's breakout campaign?

Will Keon Broxton have a breakout year, be able to limit strikeouts enough, and earn serious playing time?

Can Domingo Santana bounce back after an injury-stifled 2016.

When is Lewis Brinson going to get called up?

Is Ryan Braun going to get traded?

The answer to those questions (in my opinion only) are as follows:

  • Stability at first base, solid pop but not crazy, less K's then Chris Carter but less HR's.
  • Hope so.
  • He was such a highly touted prospect that he can't possibly be a .200 hitter long term for his career.
  • I think Villar will regress slightly but can still be very productive.
  • I drafted Broxton in fanatasy baseball so he better break out! 40 STOLEN BASES HERE WE COME!
  • Sadly I think Domingo Santana will just become a serviceable 4th outfielder.
  • This may relate to the next question.
  • I would assume so, and if it's earlier than later I believe Brinson will be the replacement.

And that's just the hitters. To hear a much more in-depth discussion about the Brewers check out the podcast livestream below with Mike Pilch. A heads up we recorded Friday April 2nd so now you know that.

Because The FinkelCast prides itself in looseness we did discuss a few other topics besides Brewers, namely Joe Mixon's visit with the Packers. If you wan't to skip ahead to just Brewers stuff go to the 11:09 mark.

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