Everything You Need To Know About The Brewers (And Some Other Stuff)

Baseball starts Sunday but the Brewers season doesn't start until Monday afternoon (BTW you can hear that game on 1310 WIBA at 12:35pm to get your Bob Uecker fix).

This years Brewer team is an interesting mix of talented but youthful hitters and not as talented/ slightly less youthful pitchers.

Adding to what I would call 'the excitement' is the idea that there are a lot of wildcards on the roster. What the heck should we expect from Eric Thames, a guy who put up video game numbers in Korea but originally flamed out in the states. Is Travis Shaw capable of being the poor man's Casey McGehee? I also often wonder how big of a step Orlando Arcia can take in year two.

Will Jonathan Villar continue his fantastic play after last season's breakout campaign?

Will Keon Broxton have a breakout year, be able to limit strikeouts enough, and earn serious playing time?

Can Domingo Santana bounce back after an injury-stifled 2016.

When is Lewis Brinson going to get called up?

Is Ryan Braun going to get traded?

The answer to those questions (in my opinion only) are as follows:

  • Stability at first base, solid pop but not crazy, less K's then Chris Carter but less HR's.
  • Hope so.
  • He was such a highly touted prospect that he can't possibly be a .200 hitter long term for his career.
  • I think Villar will regress slightly but can still be very productive.
  • I drafted Broxton in fanatasy baseball so he better break out! 40 STOLEN BASES HERE WE COME!
  • Sadly I think Domingo Santana will just become a serviceable 4th outfielder.
  • This may relate to the next question.
  • I would assume so, and if it's earlier than later I believe Brinson will be the replacement.

And that's just the hitters. To hear a much more in-depth discussion about the Brewers check out the podcast livestream below with Mike Pilch. A heads up we recorded Friday April 2nd so now you know that.

Because The FinkelCast prides itself in looseness we did discuss a few other topics besides Brewers, namely Joe Mixon's visit with the Packers. If you wan't to skip ahead to just Brewers stuff go to the 11:09 mark.

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Joel Finkelman


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