Who Will Lead The Brewers In Wins This Season?

Junior Guerra, Zach Davies, Wily Peralta, Chase Anderson, and Jimmy Nelson are the Brewers starters this season so I'm going to go out on a limb here and expect the answer to be in that group.

  • Junior Guerra had a fantastic season last year but it was his only real year in the bigs and he's 32 years old.
  • Zach Davies has had a good year and a half in the majors but because of the speed of his fastball, if he isn't hitting the corners things can go bad quickly.
  • Wily Peralta was all over the place last year both on the mound and in his own head. After a 17 win 2014 he has gone 12-21 in the last two seasons.
  • Chase Anderson is Chase Anderson... that's all the analysis I have on that.
  • And finally Jimmy Nelson, was sold to the fan base as one of the Brewers top young pitchers and that simply hasn't been the case.

Those are the arguments against each of the candidates, but let's end on a positive note!

  • Junior Guerra had a sub-3 era last season and may have just needed a chance to succeed.
  • Zach Davies has great command and movement on his pitches and may be the most 'put together' pitcher on the staff.
  • Wily Peralta has the best 'pure' stuff in terms of speed and movement. If he can combine that with the right temperment, he can return to 2014 form.
  • Chase Anderson is Chase Andreson... that's what I got once again.
  • Finally if Jimmy Nelson can develop a quality 3rd pitch, he will suddenly have the weapon in his arsenal he's always needed.

So there we have it, an odd group that makes you wonder... 'what if Matt Garza didn't get hurt, who would lose their spot?'

To hear my final answer and a more in-depth discussion on the starters individually check out the podcast stream below! It's a short one today, just a mini-pod of 15 minutes which is perfect for anyone who's trying to avoid working as hard as they should.

Maybe after today we'll be talking about Junior Guerra's first win on his quest to lead the Brewers.


Photo: Getty Images

Joel Finkelman


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