Are the First Two Brewers Games a Microcosm of What's to Come?

Yes... we're 1/81st of the way through the season I am well are.

Also yes... five things have happened in the first two games that were easy predictions for this years' Brewers team.

The Crew have struck out 28 times in two games. 28 times in 18 innings. 28 times in 54 outs. That's a solid K-rate of 52% as a team. To put that in context, Colorado has struck out 12 times in both games combined. 

Cool stuff.

While the Brewers this season have a lot of exciting offense players who can put up some serious numbers, it's going to be filled with a ton of strikeouts. This makes scoring hard because well... that's how you score in baseball?

Look at it this way. Over the past few years some of the best teams have done two things really well. The Cubs, Indians, Royals, and Cardinals don't strike out often and they play rock solid defense.

Are the Brewers capable of that this season? I'll let you be the judge.

(The answer is most likely not).

There are a few other things though that support my statement of the first two games being a microcosm of the upcoming season but you'll have to check out the podcast below to hear them! Don't worry it's a nice and tidy 15 minutes because that's how I roll. 

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Joel Finkelman


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