Watch: First Overall Draft Pick Savagely Owns Little Kid

On paper, this matchup between a 10-12 year old boy and 2016 NBA first overall pick seems lopsided. Simmons may have missed his entire Rookie season (because that's how it always works in Philadelphia), but he seems to be doing better.

In real life this matchup may be even worse.


Way to go Ben! I would say he's phenomenal at crushing young Knicks fans' hearts, but the Knicks have already beat him to the punch there. HEYOOOOOO!

I can't decide what the best part of this video is, the fact that kid thought a six inch step-back J would work with that kind of vertical, or the fact that he would get the ball back after a boneheaded mistake by Simmons in throwing it out of bounds.

Sarcasm people.

Turns out that first round 76ers picks have a bit of a history with this.

Joel Finkelman


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