Packers Draft Class Should Put Dom Capers On Notice

Here are the results of the first four rounds of the last four drafts for the Green Bay Packers in terms of offense of defense.

2017: 4D 1O

2016: 4D 1O

2015: 3D 1O

2014: 3D 2O

Total of defensive to offensive picks in the last four years?

14 on defense. Five on offense.

10 on defense, four on offense if we take out 2017 draft.

Yards per game over the last three seasons?

Packers ranked 22nd in 2016, 18th in 2015, 18th in 2014.


So the top picks have continued to pump in on the defensive side of the ball, and yet the defense is either stagnant or worse every year under Capers?


The worst part about this as a Packer fan is that we know that even if this year goes as expected (the offense is great and the defense sucks), Dom Capers will still be roaming the sky box come September 2018.

For a much deeper dive into this issue, check out the Podcast below... and for the love of God could you comment about my hair please?



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Joel Finkelman


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