What Happens If the Brewers Are Still Good in August?

The Brewers are four games over .500 as we near the quarter-pole of season. Not only am I shocked (I picked them to win 76 games this season), but it makes me wonder what would happen if they ended up being good as we neared the trade deadline.

This team that David Stearns has put together was built to contend in a few years from now. If they are a few games over .500 at the trade deadline, do they mortgage some of the 'future' for the 'now?' 

That's the tough question that Stearns may be pressed to answer if the level of play continues.

More than likely though this question will be answered over the next couple months by the Brewers on the field. The Pitchers have been bad as a unit, but some like Matt Garza are performing well above expected. This most likely wont continue for an extended period of time if we know anything about Garza's past. The bats have been red hot as well, with newbies Pina, Thames, Bandy, and Shaw all having fantastic offensive starts to their years.

Do we expect that every guy Stearns brought in this year to continue hitting as they have so far? Probably not. But... it's baseball and weirder things have happened. 

To hear my take on what the Brewers would do in the scenario of being in contention around the trade deadline, check out the podcast below!


Photo: Getty Images

Joel Finkelman


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