Is Padres Announcer Ted Leitner Actually Jim Brockmire?

Today on Lucas In The Morning we played last night's home run call from the Padres walk off win over the Brewers. What was weird about it was that it so resembled the calls of fake TV baseball announcer Jim Brockmire (played by Hank Azaria) on the show Brockmire that it threw me off a little bit. For those of you not familiar with the show, do yourself a heaping favor and watch the trailer below. 

Warning, trailer contains naughty language and can be considered NSFW at some office facilities including but not limited to day care centers and public schools.


So now that you have a little understanding of what we're working with here... check out the supercut of Brockmire calls spliced in with a real call from San Diego Padres announcer Ted Leitner.

It can only be assumed that Leitner got his chops from Brockmire himself years ago.

Joel Finkelman


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