Jose Bautista Is Caught up in Another Bat Flip Controversy

Recently on Lucas In The Morning I (Dr. J) have had a little segment called 'Dr. J's House Call of The Day' in which I  have played a highlight from the night before that particularly caught my attention.

With that noted, I (Dr. J) love bat flips, I love players celebrating accomplishments in every sport and I want to see more of it. The other guys (Mike Lucas, Robb Vogel) do not... 

Here's the video of the dinger, and subsequent bat flip.


They (Mike Lucas, Robb Vogel) are part of the old guard who thinks everyone needs to 'act like they've been there before' about every aspect of life. But enough about people who don't like celebrations... just check out a short segment of Thursday's show and decide for yourself...


Photo: Getty Images

Joel Finkelman


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