Seahawks Doing What Packers Should Have with Eddie Lacy

Green Bay Packers v Arizona Cardinals

Before I get started on a rant about the Packers 'handling' of Eddie Lacy', I should mention that something magical happened on the live stream of today's podcast (below).



As a man who owns an Eddie Lacy jersey, this is a weird post for me to write. I love Eddie Lacy and wish he was still a Packer. I think there will be a lot of angry Packer fans after Week 1 with that ire directed at Ted Thompson.

Unfortunately I also am aware of how unfathomably stupid it is that a professional athlete has to have such a public crusade against him in order to get into playing shape. The fact that his motivation isn't there naturally, without getting paid, to get in shape is... err... really mind numbing.

With that said though, if a team was going to sign him with the intent of making him get in shape, the Seahawks are doing it perfectly. Is it fat-shaming? Probably. Is it necessary? Judging by the history, yes,

The Packers played with kid-gloves when it came to Lacy's weight. Only once did Mike McCarthy get publicly angry over it, and even then it barely mattered.

Could the team have restructured his contract to offer more money if he got in shape (thus making it less likely he got injured in the process and making it more likely he maximized production)?

Yes. They could have. They could have invested a little extra of there piles of cap room for an integral part of their offense to succeed in a greater way.

But they didn't.

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