Isn't Sports Supposed to Be the Oasis From Politics?

Seattle Seahawks v New York Jets

There are a certain type of 'people like me' who hate politics. 'People like me' avoid it as much as humanly possible and stick to sports because it's just more fun. 'People like me' just want their lives to be fun. 

Sports and politics seldom mix, and when they do it really is a bummer for 'people like me'. Unfortunately though for 'people like me', sometimes we don't have a choice. Sometimes politics is thrust upon 'people like me'. 

We've heard from a ludicrous group of sub-human trash this weekend that would like to see 'people like me' literally exterminated from the planet.

My last name is Finkelman... I'll let you do the math.

Sometimes we can't avoid talking about politics, although to be fair genocide isn't really a 'political' talking point. 

Quick thought experiment though for everyone to try though. Think about a dude sitting or kneeling during the national anthem... Then think about an actual Nazi in 2017 running through a crowd of people in a car during a 'protest' killing one and injuring many others.

Sure seems like one of those was peaceful and one wasn't. I'll let you do the math again as to which one is which.

FinkelCast live stream is below and the audio only version from the iHeartRadio FinkelCast channel is also below. 


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Joel Finkelman


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