Twenty Five years ago OJ tried to get away from cops in a white Bronco

Remembering OJ's White Bronco Chase with Mike Lucas, Robb Vogel and Jon Arias. Also, what's your favorite root beer brand?

Via the LA Times:

O.J. Simpson was a fugitive, and it seemed the whole world was looking for him.

It was June 17, 1994, and Simpson was supposed to turn himself in to Los Angeles police in connection with the killing of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman. Zoey Tur was piloting a helicopter for KCBS-TV and had a hunch: Maybe Simpson had gone to Orange County to visit Nicole’s grave. So she flew in that direction, and she would be the first to start broadcasting themost famous police pursuit in history.

Read more about that day here.

Motorists Wave At O.J. Simpson During Police Freeway Pursuit

Photo: Getty Images


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