Little Big League Is The Most Slept On Movie Of All Time

I'm not really sure if this qualifies as a hot take, or maybe a lukewarm take. Maybe it's a freezing cold take? Maybe it's no kind of take at all. In any case, it's something we need to talk about. Yesterday on The Double Team, Dario and Armen were having a discussion on sports movies that eventually evolved into what is "overrated" and "underrated". It's not necessarily the thought process that I wanted us to engage in, but with Dario you have to take what you can get.

In any case, it made me think about one of my cinematic favorites, that I believe in my heart is the most underappreciated and slept on of all of the sports movies: Little Big League. You may remember it, nice, baseball crazed young man happens to inherit a major league baseball team (something we can all relate to) and eventually decides to hire himself and manager. Now you may say, look it's just another in the long line of kid baseball movies that were very popular in the 90's..and that it was. Drawing on a familiar theme here: Rookie of the Year (kid plays major league baseball), Angels in the Outfield (kid see angels to help his major league team win) and of course our favorite in question. However, this movie was so much more. Hilarious acting, brilliant writing, and for some reason it just felt more like a "real movie" in some ways. It had funny baseball scenes for those baseball nerds that loved the game (see below) funny child co-stars, and great extras on the team. Including one of my all time favorites, "Blackout" Gatling, played by Brad Lesley (who actually pitched like 5 games for the Brewers). Plus any baseball movie with Griffey gets 4 stars in my book. So let's hail to one of the most underappreciated sports movies of the 90's, and keep an eye out up above. Bowers might be throwing water balloons.

Credit: Youtube/isestrex2

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