Why Don't The Brewers Make Team Video Yearbooks Anymore?

We were joking around on the show the other day about the classic Armen weekend workout, and yes, I will admit I exaggerating a bit for comedic effect. No I don't spend every weekend eating SpaghettiOs out of the can and watching youtube. I enjoy the outdoors and exercise somewhat regularly. However you can be sure that some sort of classic sports youtube viewing is always on the docket for Armen downtime. As I mentioned, some of my favorites to watch are old editions of the Brewers team yearbooks from multiple years. These things were awesome... (see below) narrated always of course by Uecker, they were a whimsical tale through another exciting yet ultimately heartbreaking Brewers season that really gave you a taste and feeling of the nostalgia of County Stadium summers. My favorite edition is below, the tale of the great 1987 team streak season: Magic, Miracles, and True Believers.

It got me thinking, why don't the Brewers make these anymore? It's hard to tell when they stopped, but i'm sure there is someone out there who has a collection of all of the yearbooks the Brewers made. Sure maybe that type of thing is now of the past with the way media has changed, but it doesn't stop NFL films from continuing with their tradition of yearly team yearbooks. But it would still be nice to be able to watch them all and take a trip down memory lane. Anyway, the one below is without a doubt my favorite, so sit back and enjoy. And yes Treb, I think we're the fairest fans around too.

Credit: YouTube:takeitdown

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