Sandhill Crane Punks and Backs Up Black Bear

If you listened to the show yesterday, you have an idea of what discussions between Armen and Dario are like. They usually start in one place and take a completely different turn. Yesterday was a good example of that, as following up with last week and the great 2 day fry debate of 2019, there was a spirited discussion on what birds are edible and which aren't. One of the birds in question was the Sandhill Crane, of which I (Armen) always assumed was like an endangered species. Apparently there are people that love to hunt and eat it, as listeners informed us that it was the "ribeye of the sky". Seems weird, but in any case, here is a video of how bad ass these birds really are. I have absolutely no idea why we were so mesmerized by videos of these birds. But here we are, offering you this video of a Sandhill Crane absolutely fearless in the face of a huge Black Bear. Bulletproof as a frat boy at bar time, this Sandhill Crane absolutely fears nothing when it comes time to protect his nest. Thoughts and prayers to the bear as well who definitely will lose his reputation forever on the bear streets, I mean this guy will never be able to recover from the image damage that comes with this in the bear community. Also a special shout out to everyone's mom Judy who apparently did the play by play.

YouTube: Judy Lehmberg

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