R.I.P. 2019 Cleveland Browns Hype Train

Wow. Just when you thought that maybe MAYBE you knew some things about the NFL, and could do some semblance in predicting what could happen (yes we all knew the Dolphins were this bad so that doesn't count) you get week 1 of the NFL Season. And what an interesting week it was to start off the 2019 season.

After all the blather and hype about the Cleveland Browns being good, Baker Mayfield and his ostentatious personality backed by a strong rookie year, and of course the arrival of the human headline that is Odell Beckham Jr., the city of Cleveland was ready to crown the Browns as the best thing since Rick Vaughn. Except this hype turned out more like Jack Parkman (if you aren't getting these references then I just can't help you).

Indeed what a bust week 1 was for the Browns, who probably assumed they would treat the home crowd to a drubbing of the Titans and Marcus Mariota, (who all of a sudden looked like everything you once thought he could be) and instead were treated to their own degradation. Has anything ever had more hype then come to an absolutely screeching halt? Well maybe, but this blog isn't about Tony Mandarich. So it's back again to the shores of the Cuyahoga for the Cleveland Dawg Pound faithful, and their store brand ravioli so they can sit around eating it out of the can while they discuss how there are no bars open in the Flats anymore. Anyway, yes we all know 1 week does not an NFL season make, especially so these days, when so much changes from week to week. But besides the Browns dud here are some other musings about week 1:

  1. I can't deal with the Vikings being good. That better have been a fluke.
  2. Patriots, see 1. Unfortunately that team is probably going to waltz to the Super Bowl and i'm ready to vomit at that thought.
  3. How the hell are you going to play for a tie in week 1?
  4. yes, the Dolphins are this bad, no the Ravens aren't this good
  5. Congrats to my friend Quinn and #BillsMafia

Time to get ready for Monday night!

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