Would Giannis Really Turn Down a Supermax?

In the last few days, not coincidentally in step with the beginning of the NBA season and ahead of the Bucks opener tonight in Houston, there has been a lot of talk surrounding Giannis and his future contract situation. Maybe a lot of it is eyewash at this point, and the article and quotes attributed to Giannis by the now famous "Harvard Study" have been discussed to death. But it is worth thinking about from it's most simple terms. Just take everything else away as factors: would Giannis turn down the chance to make the most he can? If it's that simple, the answer is probably no. In the history of American sport, the player has more often than not signed with the team that offers the most compensation. So if that's all there is to it, then we can probably count on him signing the deal.

Now it's been noted many times that there are different circumstances maybe in this case, and Giannis is not your normal NBA superstar. But, I think the point remains. Go Bucks!

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