NFL Draft Preview: Garret Dooley

While the same can be said for several members of Wisconsin's defense, including all of those heading to the NFL this season, Badgers linebacker Garret Dooley combined effort and instinct in having a productive 2017 campaign.

The general consensus is that Dooley, like those who came before him at Wisconsin, plays with effort and is technically sound. Those traits should help overcome any perceived shortcomings in terms of speed or athleticism needed for the edge rusher position. Draft Overview:

Tight-hipped, straight line mover with athletic limitations that could prevent him from becoming a productive NFL talent. Dooley combines good play strength and above average hand usage to take advantage of lesser tackles, but his lack of height and length may neutralize those assets against NFL competition across from him. Projection: Undrafted/Free Agent

Photo: Getty Images

Wisconsin Badgers

Wisconsin Badgers

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